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Do you find yourself caught in habits that don’t serve you? Or do you imagen yourself having good habits, but somehow you can’t manage to implement them?

As a self-mastery and flow coach, I help individuals uncover their immunity to change and break free from limiting patterns. Whether it's difficulty saving money, being disciplined, overeating, following through on decisions or neglecting self-care (exercise, sleeping, balanced work/ home life), these habits keep you stuck.

With guidance and support, you will experience effortless flow!!

I work with you to identify your breaks and accelerator. You'll learn to navigate obstacles with confidence and cultivate behavior that support your well-being.

Let’s get in touch to see how we can benefit from each other.


My unique gift is my ability to create safe spaces. And within this safe space every participant is heard and seen. This is the foundation of my facilitation services.

Enhance Your Group Dynamics

My approach transforms meetings into peaceful, efficient gatherings, where the beauty of everyone is recognized and appreciated. I cultivate an environment where everyone feels free to be their authentic selves, fostering open communication and genuine connections.

Effortless Decision-Making

In my sessions, decision-making flows effortlessly. I ensure that all voices contribute to the process, leading to decisions made in harmony with mutual understanding and respect. My facilitation services are designed to enhance group dynamics, creating a beautiful synergy among participants.

Experience the Difference

Join me and experience meetings that are not just productive, but also enriching and fulfilling. Let me help you build a space where decisions are made seamlessly, in a spirit of cooperation and shared purpose!

Let’s get in touch to see how we can benefit from each other.

Checklist Journaling
Checklist Journaling
Checklist Journaling